Announcing John Armstrong’s CEMENTIPEDE

John Armstrong is credited with for many innovations in model railroading, particularly in track planning and train operation. However, John was also an accomplished modeler. He designed and built a number of unique models, including Nighthawks, a café based on Edward Hopper’s famous painting (information on our kit of this model here), Photographer’s Curve, whichContinue reading “Announcing John Armstrong’s CEMENTIPEDE”

O Scale Atlas O X-29 Boxcar Canandaigua Southern

In 1923, the ARA (American Railway Association) proposed a standard design all-steel box car for the railroads. While the design was certainly a good one, the car never became a recommended practice due to questions of the selected inside width. Nonetheless, quite a few railroads opted for the design and rostered sizeable fleets. The largestContinue reading “O Scale Atlas O X-29 Boxcar Canandaigua Southern”

Pullman Type 242 Trucks

Most modelers are familiar with Pullman six-wheel trucks, which are found under virtually all heavyweight Pullman cars, including sleepers, lounges, and diners, as well as many railroad-owned heavyweight cars. In O Scale 2 Rail, most trucks modeled are drop (or bottom) Equalized trucks. However, 25% of the Pullman fleet, as well as many railroad-owned passengerContinue reading “Pullman Type 242 Trucks”

Nighthawks Lights are Back On! HO and O Scale Kits Back in Stock!

Wit & Wisdom Models thanks all our customers who purchased our initial run of kits inspired by John Armstrong’s interpretation of Edward Hopper’s painting Nighthawks. Due to increased demand, we have decided to do a limited run of additional kits. We have a small inventory of HO Scale Cafe Only kits back in stock, asContinue reading “Nighthawks Lights are Back On! HO and O Scale Kits Back in Stock!”

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