O Scale Atlas O X-29 Boxcar Canandaigua Southern

In 1923, the ARA (American Railway Association) proposed a standard design all-steel box car for the railroads. While the design was certainly a good one, the car never became a recommended practice due to questions of the selected inside width. Nonetheless, quite a few railroads opted for the design and rostered sizeable fleets. The largest group of cars, by far, was class X-29 of the Pennsylvania Railroad. For the O Scale National Convention in 2018, Atlas produced a special run of X-29 boxcars lettered for the Canandaigua Southern, John Armstrong’s famous O Scale 2-Rail model railroad. John is considered by many to be the father of modern track planning and layout design.

Wit and Wisdom Models is proud to bring you this model in O Scale, produced by Atlas. W&W Models is offering this model in 3 road numbers (3075, 3217, and 3444). You have the option of 2-Rail (click here), and 3-Rail (click here).

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