Pullman Type 242 Truck

Most modelers are familiar with Pullman six-wheel trucks, which are found under virtually all heavyweight Pullman cars, including sleepers, lounges, and diners, as well as many railroad-owned heavyweight cars. In O Scale 2 Rail, most trucks modeled are drop (or bottom) Equalized trucks. However, 25% of the Pullman fleet, as well as many railroad-owned passenger cars, utilized top-equalized trucks.

Wit and Wisdom is proud to offer the Pullman type 242 top-equalized trucks in Traditional O Scale (5′ Gauge). These models are of the highest quality. They are sold as a pair of two trucks. They are cast in lost wax brass, fully sprung suspension, have metal wheels, blackened side frames, and very detailed. Features include spring equalizers, ball-bearing axles, and opening journal box covers. 

These trucks are hard to find. Type 242 trucks were produced in Traditional O Scale by All Nation in cast zamac, but are out of production. The only other version of these trucks was by Lobaugh back in the 1940s. Both of the earlier versions were unsprung, and are crude by today’s standards.

Roger Lewis (Cascade Models) worked with Protocraft to import several versions of high-quality passenger trucks. The top-equalized six-wheel heavyweight trucks had only been offered in Proto:48 (not in Traditional O/5′ Gauge). Wit and Wisdom worked with Roger Lewis to import these trucks in O Scale 2 Rail.

These are from the final run of Korean passenger trucks. They are not cheap, at $169.99/pair plus shipping. Only 30 pair available. First come, first serve. When they are gone, they are gone. To get your pair, please visit our shop here.

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